Tata Technologies’ Unlisted Shares Surged By 30%; How Beneficial Is It For Investors?

Unlisted Shares

Tata Technologies, the subsidiary of Tata Motors, has performed exceptionally well in the grey market. Based on the last six-month performance, Tata Technologies’ unlisted shares surged by 30% and proved best-performing compared to its competitors. As per the financial experts, the reason behind this sudden surge in value is a statement that came from the company’s side. 

Tata Technologies clarified that it would issue free shares while Tata Motors was considering partial disinvestment through an initial public offering. However, there is also a question about how the increasing value of Tata Technologies’ pre-IPO shares will benefit investors in the future. 

Performance Of Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares

Recently, Tata Technologies announced a bonus issue in which it gives a new share on every share held, due to which its unlisted share price surged by 30% in a few months. In addition, the company also announced a stock split of 5:1 which entices retail investors. To better understand how much Tata Technologies’ share price surged, let’s look at its price history.

If we analyse the price history of the Tata Technologies unlisted shares, its share surged from November 2022 (Rs 528) to February  2023 (Rs 920). After that, Tata 

Technologies share price surged during June 2023 and touched the price point of Rs 1140 per share. 

The news of the bonus issue was announced by Tata Technologies in December, during which the price of its unlisted share was Rs 5,250 per share. In the statement, the company set January 16 as a record date which positively impacted the share price. 

One of the prominent reasons behind this sudden surge in stock price is Tata Motors’s decision to seek partial disinvestment from the company’s IPO. As per the analyst, the 30% surge in the price of Tata Technologies pre-IPO stocks over the past two years can provide investors with better-expected earnings. In addition, Tata Technologies also performed well from a financial perspective, where its revenue increased by 48% in FY22, which stands at Rs 3,529 crore. 

The company also recorded a positive net profit and operating margin growth, which increased by 83%, and 18.3% contributed to Tata Technologies’ growth. The company showed impressive growth in terms of finances and unlisted shares performance. However, it is also crucial to understand how it can benefit investors in the future. 

Possible Benefits For Investors Of Tata Technologies’ Unlisted Shares

The surge in Tata Technologies unlisted shares price can benefit the investors. Whether you already have pre-IPO stocks or planning to buy in the future, the future performance of the company’s unlisted shares depends on various factors. One of them is Tata Technologies’ performance in the coming years. 

For the business, Tata Technologies majorly depends on Tata Group, especially Tata Motors. It would be possible that the decision of Tata Motors for partial disinvestment will impact the performance of Tata Technologies unlisted shares in the future. Since the company recently signed an MOU with IIT Hyderabad to collaborate on SDVs development, it contributes to the growth in the company’s shares which will provide you ample benefits. Here are the possible benefits investors will get:

Access To Bonus Issue

Since Tata Technologies indicates that it will offer a bonus issue to the retail investors who already have its unlisted shares, during this, investors will get one new share on each of the shares held. So it is an excellent opportunity for retail investors to get a bonus share of the top-performing company.

Better Value Of Unlisted Shares

In the last few months, Tata Technologies share price surged by 30%, which is expected to increase. Since the company is planning for business expansions and introducing new products and services, it directly impacts the performance of Tata Technologies pre-IPO shares. So, investors can expect a better value for shares while selling them.

Availability Of IPO Shares

Tata Technologies is gearing up for its most anticipated Initial Public Offering (IPO), which might launch in the next year. During this, investors with Tata Technologies unlisted shares will get early access to an IPO public issuance of shares. Investors should plan their investment in unlisted shares to reap the future benefits of Tata Technologies IPO.

Buy Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares Today For Future Benefits

Tata Technologies unlisted shares are among the best performance shares in the grey market compared to other tech companies. The price of these pre-IPO shares increased by a huge margin, giving the company a positive outlook. Based on the recent market data, Tata Technologies share price today is Rs 1030, which might increase in the coming months as it partnered with Jaguar Land Rover for future projects. You can easily buy Tata Technologies unlisted shares from unlisted shares broking platforms like Stockify. Invest in Tata Technologies to get high returns in future.