Fantasy Baseball Player Analysis 2024

Fantasy Baseball Player Analysis 2024

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Colton Cowser possesses the hit tool needed to become a reliable fantasy option, but Baltimore’s overcrowded lineup makes it unlikely he gets enough at-bats for this potential to materialize. Still worth considering in deeper formats.

Jarren Duran (BOS, OF)

Duran is a promising prospect with both power and speed; unfortunately he has yet to realize his full potential. After being successful as an amateur with Lowell Spinners and Greenville Drive in 2016, but struggling since being called up into the majors; even a slight step forward could turn him into an everyday major league regular – although fantasy players might only ever see him serve in reserve roles.

Duran was originally drafted as a second baseman but has since switched over to outfielder. With his natural ability of getting on base and his lightning fast speed, Duran can reach double-digit home run totals in no time. Defensively in center field he is solid but needs more practice developing routes so he can track balls better.

Remaking his swing to produce more power at an alternative training site resulted in a vastly improved profile for him. Now more of a pull-dominant hitter who can hit balls into the outfield with ease and improved power numbers has also allowed for more hits and less strikeouts.

Projections suggest that he’ll hit 15 home runs this year, yet his potential goes far beyond this mark. He has demonstrated the ability to hit two-strike counts at will and maintain an above-average batting average.

At the end of 2016, he was limited by a toe injury; however, this should no longer be an issue and should make his debut shortly afterwards. A promising prospect who may develop into a middle-of-the-order hitter, yet his lack of power might limit him in certain formats; making him worth keeping an eye on and investing late rounds in dynasty leagues with Razzball 2024’s projections placing him as being worth $8.9 in standard 12 team 55 mixed leagues.

Jung Hoo Lee (SFG, OF)

The Giants made waves this offseason with their signing of former KBO MVP Jung Hoo Lee to a six-year, $113 million contract that allows an opt-out after year four. There will be some adjustments necessary between Lee’s former hitter-friendly Korean league and MLB competition; luckily he already has an established path toward playing time; his contact skills suggest he is not as power limited as some may perceive him to be.

Experienced hitter Lee is known for making solid contact. His career batting average currently sits at.271, and only once have more than 30 strikeouts been committed in any single season; that speaks volumes about Lee’s willingness to swing at pitches out of his zone in order to put himself into positions to get on base.

He makes for an attractive fourth outfielder with steals and home run potential in a standard 12-team 55 fantasy league, making him an attractive option even for shallow leagues.

Giants outfielder Tommy Pham and Camilo Doval both offer intriguing fantasy value, so keep an eye on how much playing time each receives in spring training; both appear to possess solid dynasty value at this stage.

Duran’s role as leadoff hitter for the Red Sox makes him worth considering in deep leagues, while his performance could make him a valuable pick up in later rounds of drafts. Although he’s had injuries and inconsistency during his major-league tenure, Duran has shown the talent necessary to become a potential 15 home run, 30 steal threat with some speed.

Matt Wallner (MIN, OF)

After an impressive start to his career, Wallner has struggled to establish himself with the Twins. His alarming strikeout rate has left fans questioning whether all their hype will pay off over time or whether he simply is not suitable as an MLB batter.

Wallner has shown plenty of talent and potential throughout his MLB career despite occasional stumbles, with speed and contact ability that should allow him to become an effective outfielder capable of hitting 15-20 home runs with respectable RBI totals.

Problematically, in order to return to a sustainable track he must develop better command of his fastball. The high rate of whiffs on fastballs must be addressed immediately so he can adjust timing and adjustments in order to return production levels that are commensurate with expectations.

His other issue lies with dealing with breaking pitches. While it’s less severe than with fastballs, in order to adjust his approach and swing in order to catch up to them he must change both his approach and swing drastically compared to how difficult it can be for young players to adapt to breaking pitches this is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Even though Wallner has experienced early season struggles that have reduced his fantasy value, it would be wrong to write him off entirely just yet. His talent and ceiling are high enough that he should still become a solid contributor; he just needs to learn how to better control his fastball in order to do that. While this obstacle might appear insurmountable at first, eventually it should all fall into place and Wallner should become an impact player within your league – until then consider him a strong sleeper for your deep formats league. Become a Stathead today and surf this site without ads! Click here now!

Aaron Judge (NYY, OF)

Aaron Judge is one of baseball’s premier hitters, and recently set records by breaking Mark McGwire’s MLB rookie home run record and Joe DiMaggio’s Yankee full-season homer mark. Additionally, Judge led all AL players in terms of on-base percentage, slugging average, OPS+ index rating, total bases, home runs, WAR ratings (public) as well as nearly every public version thereof.

Fantasy managers shouldn’t overlook Judge’s power and speed as assets; however, his outstanding plate discipline makes up an integral component of his game that helps him get on base at an impressive rate and produce solid counting stats. With an exceptional support cast surrounding him at New York Yankees committed to investing in his long-term success; fantasy managers should place no lesser importance on him.

Colton Cowser (OF, BAL) – Cowser may have made an underwhelming major league debut last season, yet has the potential to become an exceptional full-time player for Baltimore’s lineup. He boasts both good hit tool and power; his Triple-A wRC+ of 136 suggests that his performance can only get better as time progresses.

Esteury Ruiz (OF, OAK) – NFBC owners should likely choose Ruiz much earlier, given his likely lead of AL stolen bases (67) in 2023. Unfortunately, he cannot make up for poor ratios in head-to-head categories formats and his limited power limits his upside as a roto asset.

Alex Kirilloff (1B/OF, Minnesota) – Kirilloff’s power and hitting ability make him attractive, yet injuries and Minnesota’s roster crunch have limited his playing time beyond 130 games. Even in limited roles he could provide solid counting stats as well as 15-20 homers for Minnesota.

As is evident from this guide, deep leagues contain numerous promising options that can supplement your starting lineup and strengthen overall depth. Part-time players are an invaluable addition to any squad; their selection should be prioritized during all NFBC drafts. Furthermore, their flexibility enables you to custom-tailor your fantasy roster according to your playing style and approach.