3 Major Factors that Affect Student Achievement

3 Major Factors that Affect Student Achievement

Students’ achievement is very crucial to ensure they have a bright future. However, many factors contribute to their success. Some teachers are reasonable in their work, but the student can still fail to pass. That is why teachers, parents, and everybody involved in the development and growth need to play their role well to support the children to excel in their studies. Below are the significant factors that affect students’ achievement.

  1. The delivery Style and Instruction Quality

Most students fail academically due to the inability to understand the instructions in a classroom. The quality of instructions and how well a teacher delivers them can help shape and motivate a student. As a teacher, you must share the objectives and the guidelines of the subject you teach and let the students lead the conversation. This way, the students can incorporate the information you teach them in various contexts, which helps reinforce the lessons. This strategy helps the students engage and avoid idleness and boredom from a one-sided lecture.

The teachers need to improvise different techniques to help students interact with different materials as different students have different understating capabilities. That way, the student will be able to understand the course deeper. Always ensure every student participates and give them opportunities to ask what they don’t understand.

  1. Parents Involvement

Parents play a vital role in the success of a student. Families need to be supportive and encourage their students to work hard in school. However, when the parents get into disagreement and quarrel can affect the children’s performance. The major cause of distress and the child’s academic failure can occur when the parents get a divorce. This often leads to severe cases such as dropouts of the children due to the negligence of both parents. In times of divorce, parents must consult with Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC to get a family lawyer to consider the children’s interests. When given custody, take your time and have fun with your children and help them will assignments and homework to help them improve their grades and boost their self-esteem. 

They are numerous ways in which parents can get involved in the betterment and success of their child’s studies. They can help in extracurricular activities and ask crucial questions about what the child learned in school.

  1. The Type of Peers They Hang Out With

The student’s social life is vital to their growth and academic success. When students have friends at school, their self-esteem is boosted, and they look forward to attending school. If a student has a poor social life, they have a hard time and may be victims of bullies, which can lower their esteem. Such occurrences lead to stress and anxiety and can distract a student leading to failure. These students also find it hard to participate in class activities and ask questions where they would need clarification.

The school distraction and teachers can improvise strategies to help promote healthy relationships among peers, which can positively impact students’ academic performance. Interactive extracurricular activities create opportunities for students to form bonds and interact with their teachers.

Bottom Line!

For a student to be successful in their studies, everybody should play their roles, as stated above. Take time to talk to your child about the importance of education and use the right channel to solve issues when they arise.